What Makes a Great Landing Page Headline?
A great landing page headline is one that engages, attracts visitors and holds their attention. If you can do that, you're more likely to get more clicks, more sales and better leads.
One of the best ways to write a great headline is to think about what kind of language your reader would use if they were talking to their friends. This isn't about being "witty" or trying to be funny—it's about speaking directly to your target audience in a language they'll understand and respond to.
A good example of this might be: "I was so stressed out about [XYZ problem] until I found this amazing solution" or "I was stuck at home all day until I discovered these awesome tips."
If you look at some of the most successful headlines out there like "The One Thing You Didn't Know About [XYZ]" or "[XYZ] Can Make Your Life Easier", you'll notice that they tend to focus on specific problems that people are having right now (and solutions). These types of headlines tend to work well because they address specific needs with very specific solutions.

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